10 Quick SEO Wins in 2020

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Here are 10 quick SEO wins you can use to get your business ranked better on Google. 


1. Uncover All Your Competitor Keywords 


Use SEMrush to check what keywords your competitors are ranking for and then all follow suit by using these keywords in content creation. 


2. Boost Up Key Pages With Laser-Targeted Internal Links


External link building can be difficult and time consuming, beautiful you build the internal links correctly you can see quicker traffic jumps. 

You can pick a page or 2 that are most important to you on your website that you want to boost. You can then use Ahrefs and enter your domain, and click “Best by links”. Using this you can find a way to strategically work in an internal link on that page 



3.Find Pages Losing Traffic With Google Search Console


You can use Google Search Console to take a look to find pages that are losing traffic and even which terms you’re losing, Then you can analyse how to fix it and re optimise those pages. You can use Google Search Console to see what types of content are ranking now, from this you can change and tweak your content to match these trends; which will improve ranking. 


4. Increase CTR & Get More Traffic By Tweaking Page Titles (Modelling)


The SERPs are getting more competitive every day and Google is constantly rewarding search results that are getting higher Click-Through Rates. Using old tags just won’t cut it anymore, it’s best to write a list of the best ranking tags and comparing them is what you need to win the clicks. 

Use what’s already ranking and beat it, by researching what’s already working, you can make sure your title tag is set to compete.


5. Update Your Published Date For Google “Freshness Factor”


As your site grows, it’s easy to forget to update your most important pages – and Google knows it. Google keeps a date on file for when they think you published the last update, but it’s not always accurate.

If you haven’t updated your pages in a while, Google might think they are old and when the freshness factor kicks in, Google lets newer content beat you, even if you’ve been ranking for a while.

All you need to do is add the new content, reoptimize the title tags, H1’s and include the new date on the content. 


6. Insert LSI Keywords Into Your Pages For More Traffic


Want to bump up a page and get more traffic? All you have to do is add in some LSI keywords to give it more relevance and you can see an increase in traffic.


  1. Determine the page you want to target 
  2. Throw it into Ahrefs and go to Organic Keywords
  3. Take all the keywords that it’s ranking for and sprinkle them into the content


7. Take Advantage of A Whole New Traffic Channel With The Least Effort


Did you know that YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine in the world? 

If you want the easiest way to start taking advantage of it, instead of creating totally new content, just re-purpose your high-performing blog posts into videos and upload them to YouTube. You can use Lumen5 to create them quickly.

As a bonus strategy, embed your video in the original post to increase time-on-site (dwell time) and engagement!


8.Quickly Identify What’s Making Your Site Slow


You need to identify what is making your site slow, you can use a tool called GTMetrix and it will show you a waterfall so you can see exactly what’s slowing your site down. 


9. Get A Free SSL Certificate (If you Don’t Already Have One!)


Google is big on security and now will even display a warning in Chrome if you’re not using an SSL certificate. 

You don’t have to pay an arm and a leg to get one though, you can get them for free by using either Cloudflare or Let’s Encrypt.


10. Find Unwanted Indexed Pages, No-Index Them


As your website gets older, it’s easy to forget about past initiatives. Combine that with plugins installed, themes, multiple people working on the site, you’ll often end up with a bunch of pages you don’t want indexed anymore. 


On top of that, these pages can often be thin on content, showing Google that your site isn’t as credible and filled with high quality content as you think – It’s a good idea to get rid of these pages and clean up.

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