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Web Design & Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Services

We offer digital marketing services including, web design, brand creation, social media promotion and SEO services. We work with small to medium sized business both within Northern Ireland and internationally. Wherever you are based, Gekkoshot can help you with your digital strategy and get real results for your business.

Web Design Northern Ireland Services

Web Design Belfast, Northern Ireland

We build quality websites, tailored to reflect your professional image and effectively market your products, services and brand to your new and established customers and clients.

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Our business with you doesn’t end with the creation of your website, we will work with you to effectively market your brand, services or products and continue to tweak and steer your site in this crowded and often choppy sea that is digital marketing.

Seo Services


Your site is like a billboard for your business. Its all very well having a snazzy, functional well designed site, but if its stuck in the backwaters of Google (not a real place) then absolutely nobody will see it. You will be left feeling like your site is under performing, when the issue has more to do with your marketing and overall search engine optimisation (aka SEO) of your site.

Google (other search engines are available) is massive, your mind cant even conceive how big the numbers are when we consider how many websites, webpages and individual blogs, articles and videos exist online, it runs into the billions. Google needs to be told exactly what your site (and business) is about, where you are located and who your target market is. Google needs to be able to find all the content on your site and index it in a way thats totally relevant your business.

Our SEO services have a proven track record in getting client sites to the top of Google for all the relevant searches and keywords that are super important for your business. We don’t only do work on your actual site to help Google find and index it, we do other ‘offsite’ work that helps build your sites online credibility with Google and over all influence. This is all part of our ‘special sauce’ and we would love to have a chance to have a chat with your about your business and how we can help.

Lets do it

We work with clients who already have a website or if you need a site, perfect we can get stuck in from the ground up. Whatever you need, get in touch with us here at Gekkoshot for a no obligation quote or a super quick chat.

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