The True Cost of a Cheap Website

We get it. Giving into the temptation of a bargain is easy to do. Especially if it’s the opportunity to take your business online. However, the web design industry is highly competitive for good reasons. Behind a beautifully designed and functional website, is a team...

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Decoding Google Analytics

Understanding your site traffic is crucial to figuring out whether or not the strategies you have in place are working. What works and what doesn’t work online is of utmost importance, it’s all a number’s game. By optimising your Google Analytics, you have a better...

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Checking Keyword Rankings in Google

How well does your website rank? What are good keywords? For every digital marketer, these are two very important questions that we need to have answers for. It’s difficult to have one-sentence answers for such a large and diverse topic. I’ll make it easy for you and...

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