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5 Sneaky Competitor Benchmarking Tools

Today we’re going to look at a range of competitor benchmarking tools.   Our SEO clients would often ask us to take a look at their competitor's digital activity however this cannot really be fully done as we haven't got access to their analytics to go and look...

How will SEO change in 2019? One word, brands.

If you think about it over the last few years what’s the number one factor that’s helped with Google’s rankings? Links and content. In 2019 the change is going to be brand. If you notice over the last years what’s happened is the more links you build, the higher...

The true value of SEO

Why it’s a must-have for your business Fact 1Search is the #1 driver of traffic to websites, beating social media by more than 300% Fact 270-80% of users ignore paid search ads and click on the organic search results instead Fact 375% of users never scrolls past the...

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