3 Fantastic Link Building Strategies for 2020

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Here are our top 3 favourite link building strategies and step by step guide on how to implement them. 


1. Show Your Presence On Social Media


Social media backlinks are mainly considered a waste of time by a lot of people. This is due to the fact that they are nofollow and don’t carry much SEO, but social media links are an important base of links that mostly all genuine businesses should have. 

So here’s how to gain 5 quick wins from Facebook:


Step 1 –  Your Profiles ‘About us’ Tab


The most effective way to encourage a new user to visit your website is through the ‘About us’ tab on your profile.

You can easily do this by adding your website URL link to your about us section. 


Step 2 – Your ‘About us’ Page Description


You can place the URL to your website into the description in your ‘About us’ section. By having your website appear twice on your ‘About us’ page makes it twice as likely to get the traffic to your website.


Step 3 – Always Include your Website URL Link in your Social Posts 


For any social posts you post that aren’t sending traffic directly to your site, you can still add your website as a reference. This can be easily added to anything you are posting about by attaching the link to the bottom of the post before the hashtag section.


Step 4 – Always have Page Buttons 


Underneath your cover picture on Facebook you can add page buttons, you can optimise these to send traffic to your website once clicked on by users. All you have to do is add or edit your page button and input your URL to your website. 


Step 5 – Always Add Picture Descriptions 


When uploading images you can add your website’s URL to the description of an image, this is something most people don’t know about – so get ahead of the game!

Don’t forget to update this every time you change your pictures on social media. 


2. Clean Up Broken Website Links 

Majority of websites have thousands of broken links, a lot of website links internally and only some links externally. These links can be easily broken and stop working, which most website owners don’t notice, having a negative impact on the user experience and SEO

There are many advantages for you to find broken links:

  • Build a relationship with the website owner 
  • Add value to them 
  • Get a high-quality link 

This is a very popular option when choosing how you want to link build.


Step 1 – Decide on a Target Website 


You need to decide what website you want to get a link from. You can choose any website you wish but you should try and be realistic. The chances of getting a link from The Belfast Telegraph after you find a broken link for them is low. 


More realistic websites you should be targeting to get a link from are personal blogs and small businesses. Owners will be thankful for your help, and they will most likely thank you with a link. 


Step 2 – Finding the Broken Links 


After you have created a list of potential websites that you can get a link from, you should begin looking for broken links. We recommend using SEMRush or Majestic as a tool to help you do this. You can see exactly what broken links websites have with these. 


Step 3 – Getting in Contact with the Blog Manager 


Once you have analysed all your chosen sites and pages, now’s the time to get in touch with the blog owner to let them know about the broken link(s) you have found. You need to create a good relationship and build trust. If you don’t have anything relevant to offer, focus on fixing the broken link. You’re more likely to gain more opportunities later when you ask for a link. 



3. Replicate your Competitors Best Links 


Your competitors spend thousands of pounds and hours developing their link building strategies to get high-quality links. If you only have a small budget don’t try and compete with those companies as it will most likely lead to failure. 


Instead of working harder, work smarter. Basically, let your competitors work hard to get the links, you should then follow them and get the same ones. 


The point is that you should spy on your competitors and steal their best backlinks. This is one of top link building strategies in terms of win rate and time invested into links.


Step 1 – Know Who your Top Competitors Are 


Make a list of your top 5 competitors that rank for the keyword you wish to rank for. No matter if they are bigger or smaller business than you, you will always learn something from them.


Step 2 – Analyse their Backlinks 


Once you know who your top 5 competitors are, you should now analyse their back link profile. You can do this using Majestic, SEMRush or Ahrefs. 


Once you put all the information into these analysis tools, click the link that says back links, you should organise the links that are “follow”. 


Then click the Link Type button and export the entire list of URLs you get. You should use this list to click into each link and work out how and why they got that link. 

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