Google My Business to feature call logging

by | Oct 7, 2020 | Blog Updates | 0 comments

Google My Business is now introducing the new feature of adding a call history module for logging recent calls from searchers. 


When this feature launches, there will be a dedicated “Calls” tab added to the Google My Business app.

The “Calls” tab aims to log calls from customers that click on the “Call” button on Google My Business, both missed calls and answered calls will be logged. 

You will also be able to view call history from the Google My Business app, although it won’t be available to view on the browser version of Google My Business.

You will have to choose if you want to activate the call history when Google My Business releases this new feature. 


One reason that businesses may choose to opt-out of this new feature is that it disguises the business’s actual phone number.

Google has had to create a forwarding number to log calls from Google My Business to use instead of the number on the business profile. 

Customers will still be able to see your real phone number on your business profile, as the forwarding number will only be used when the new “Call’ button feature is tapped.

When this feature is launched you can activate and deactivate it whenever you please. 

Calls will be kept for 45 days in the “Calls” tab, and it only tracks phone calls not text.



The beta version of call history in Google My Business will be available for a select group of businesses in the US only, but if it takes off it could be launched worldwide in due course.

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