12 Video Ideas for any B2B Business

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Video overtook Radio Star in 1979, and it still hasn’t gone out of fashion. Video has such a big influence over today’s media, it’s rated more engaging to users than a still picture. Therefore using video content for your B2B marketing is essential. 

Why is video so important?

The plain answer is that 1 in 4 people would rather watch video content as figures show that:

  • 80 percent of internet traffic is video content.
  • 87 percent of marketers use video in their strategies.
  • 73 percent of B2B marketers report positive video ROI.

Therefore, video content proves to be very engaging to readers, as you can share video content anywhere online nowadays, so why aren’t you using it? The opportunities are endless. 

By using video content you can create emotional and personal connections with your audience, this can be done successfully through market research to see what content your targeted audience prefers and desires most. By using this to your advantage can mean that you stand out from your competitors. 

The advantages to using video content are endless but some of the main ones are that:

  • You enhance brand awareness.
  • Increasing social engagement.
  • Building consumer trust and loyalty.
  • Outranking competitors in organic reach.
  • Reaching and converting prospects.

What kind of video content can you use? 

Video blogs, these are vlogs that enhance your blog with a visual medium. There are many tips and tricks on the internet on how you can create amazing video blogs.

  • Product videos, videoing product demos, and how-to videos can allow your audience to get a better understanding of your products or services and encourage them to purchase. A lot of brands use influencer videos where they send their products to influencers and get them to video unboxing and using the products to promote awareness and sales. 
  • Explainer Videos, are used to educate and inform users about the product or service you are offering and make a solution to any problems or queries users have been having. These can be used to teach users how to use your products, as well as promoting the company at the same time. 

  • Tutorial Videos, these videos show users how to do something, including tips and step-by-step guides, you need to ensure that the tutorial is relevant to your audience so that you can create a connection to your brand or product. 
  • Video interviews are particularly useful for CEOs if they can’t fit in a meeting with buyers, these videos allow B2B brands to highlight important internal characters as well as future expert guests or influencers. This allows conversations to happen between brands, as well as building trust.
  • Influencer marketing videos, these videos have proved very popular throughout the majority of industries. These forms of video content marketing have proved to engage their audience and make them eager to learn more about the product or service the influencer is promoting. These videos can be in the form of interviews, Q&As or tutorials. Collaborations make it easier for businesses to reach a bigger audience quickly. 
  • Event coverage, this allows the audience to see what the industry and brand events these videos can take the form of location shots or activities. 
  • Testimonials and case studies, this creates a trust between buyers and your brand, most companies use the best stories in an easy to understand video format. 
  • User-generated content, this allows brands to use content that users have created about their product or service.
  • Animation, this form of video content is really useful for explaining complex ideas in a light-hearted format.
  • Time lapse videos, this is where images are taken over a certain period of time and made into a video, this is useful for live events or project development. 
  • Social videos, these are any of the content that has been mentioned above, that can be used on social channels, ensuring that it meets the time length requirements.

Here’s our top examples of video marketing tools that you can use and refer to, so you can see the benchmark for the highest standard of video marketing:

  • Adobe creative cloud – these are one of the best video content creators there is, they provide you with inspirations and tips on how to create the best video content.  They also provide the software used for graphic design, video editing, web development, therefore all your video content making needs can be met here. 
  • Photoshop –  seen good video content that you’d like to replicate or create similar content to? Photoshop is the place for that. It is always you to make your video from scratch, designing frame-to-frame, meaning that you can add and change content as you please.

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