5 Key Ways SEO Benefits Small Businesses

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5 Key Ways SEO Benefits Small Businesses 📈

1️⃣ User Friendly Website – SEO is not just about optimising your website for search engines, it’s also used to enhance user experience as well as making your site run faster and smoother. In order to make your visitors stay longer aim to have an uncluttered, clean and well structured website. 💻📱

2️⃣ Build Brand Awareness – As a small business you want to build your brand awareness, you can do this locally or you may want to expand nationally. To do this you will need to invest in SEO to start securing those top rankings for the key terms related to your business. Why? When you see a site that appears on the first page of Google especially up at the top, what do you assume? TRUST, therefore if you can appear up here as well, then your customers are more likely to trust your brand.

3️⃣ Bypass Competitors – So let’s say you are selling a very similar item as another person within the industry. Both of you are selling at the same price. The only difference is that one has an optimised website and the other has a non-optimised site. Do you really need to think about who is going to sell more items? 🧐 SEO and search engines are really powerful so you’ve got to ask yourself the question – If my competitors are doing it then why aren’t I? 😬

4️⃣ Get More Customers – Nobody is going to turn away business so having a website that stands out from your competitors is going to increase your customer base. Why go to the expense of having a website if no-one can find it? Businesses that have SEO optimised websites will without a doubt bring in more customers. Simple.👍 In this day and age the most cost effective and efficient way of marketing your business is to invest in SEO. If you want targeted traffic to your website which will lead to more customers then SEO will do this above any other marketing tactics that you will ever use. 📈

5️⃣ Better Conversion Rates – In other words customers who buy or subscribe to you because you have an SEO optimised site. Why? An optimised website will load faster, it’s easy to read and navigate plus it works not only on your desktop pc but equally as well on your mobile phone or tablet.📱Plus because you’ve enhanced the user experience, customers are more likely to become loyal returning visitors. It’s all about making your user experience the best it can be! 😀

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