The 5 Best Tools for Generating Content Ideas

by | Sep 24, 2020 | Blog Updates | 0 comments

Here are our 5 best tools that we feel will help you massively when trying to come up with content ideas.


1.Google trends 


Google offers many free tools that a lot of marketers still don’t take advantage of, using these  tools can make generating ideas for content creation a lot easier. 

Google trends is particularly popular for keyword research, but it’s also good if you’re looking to find out what to write about next.

For example, we searched the term “SEO”, and Google Trends does what it says on the tin by showing us where the search volume for the term is located, and how much it’s being searched for. 

This is really useful if you already know the topic or keyword your planning on creating your content with. Although, it’s equally as useful when you’re using it to check which of your ideas will generate the most engagement with your audience; this can be decided by choosing the topic that has the highest search volume. 

If your keyword or topic didn’t get the search volume you were hoping for, Google Trends offers you a “Related topics” and “Related queries” section.


These sections allow you to see other popular search terms that are related to your topic, Google Trends chooses the top keywords or topics to recommend to you, so you really can’t go wrong with choosing to use one of their recommendations if your own keyword or topic doesn’t get enough search volume.


2. Surfer SEO


Surfer SEO prove particularly useful if you’re already generating an idea, and you hit that writer’s block and need some guidance with your structure or the angle you’re trying to take. 

From Surfer SEO  launched in 2017, it has changed how content creators create content, tailored for the users search. 

This tool optimises existing content and creating new briefs for writers, but it’s also very valuable for inputting content ideas.

When creating content, you should use the “Content editor” feature on Surfer SEO, once you input your content idea into this, Surfer SEO will pull up the top 10 SERPs. From here you can select and deselect any pages that aren’t relevant to your content.  

Now, you have many other pages that have created content about your chosen topic, which can hopefully give you some fresh ideas, and structure of how to go ahead with your content creation. 

Surfer SEO can also help you with the editing of your content once you have it written.


3. Google’s “Also Asked” section


Also Asked provides results for long-tailed searches, and tries to show the relationship between topics. So, if you’re looking to create content additional to content you’ve already created then this is the tool for you.


4. Zest


This is saturated with content from marketing professionals, if you install the Zest Chrome extension, the first thing you will see is the top tier digital marketing content that’s recommended by Zest users.

You can actually submit your own content to Zest, and you can even pay to get more users viewing your content. 




You can use Ahrefs with coming up with blog ideas and content, although this is a competitive analysis tool, this can work to your advantage and let you see the content that your competition is ranking for.

This shows your search volume, clicks and global volume for your topic, so that you can be sure that the content you are creating is something that users want to engage with.


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