International Women’s Day; Women Excelling In The Content & SEO Industry

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Here at Gekkoshot, it is wonderful to be part of a team that has a strong female lead.

Owned by power couple, husband and wife team Warren and Rachelle Giffin, the office has recently become female dominated, and just in time to celebrate International Women’s Day!

Our office today is celebrating Rachelle, managing a business with an intense workload, raising a family (homeschooling too), and creating an empowering workplace that exhibits strong leadership, alongside being a generally positive role model.

The name of the game is content creation and SEO, here are 3 female leaders, shaping the content and SEO industry, today we wanted to give them the recognition they deserve and to celebrate their success alongside our in house recognitions.

Change is an inevitable part of life, no matter your background, there’s always time for a dramatic change of career and these women have proven this, if you are interested in content creation and SEO, I hope this inspires you to take the first steps into the ever evolving online landscape or at the very least inspires you to implement the practices in your business.


Marie Haynes

Owner of Marie Haynes Consulting Inc. @Marie_Haynes

Background: Veterinary
Years in SEO: 12

It took an unfortunate back injury for Maria to shift her career focus temporarily, but what started as an accident became her passion in life and a career showered with notable achievements, helping people find information relating to their pet’s health initially, she now owns and runs her own business and shows no signs of stopping.

What Marie says about SEO

When you first start out in SEO, it seems everyone is smarter than you, then one day, it just clicks.



Lily Ray

SEO Director at Path Interactive @lilyraynyc

Background: Politics and Spanish
Years in SEO: 10

With a career in a completely unrelated field, Lily moved into the SEO arena and excelled quickly thanks to supporting bosses and clients alike. Privileged to feel that being a woman has not held her back career she has this advice for girls who are scared of entering a historically male dominated profession;

“Hone your craft, keep practicing, experiment, have projects going outside of your day job”



Tammy Wood

Senior manager of SEO for Automation Anywhere (technical focused) @Tammy Wood

Background: Tammy started as a part-bartender, part-hairdresser, and part-blogger
Years in SEO: 24

An esteemed SEO veteran Tammy began her SEO adventure back in the 1990s, a full-time single mum with three kids under the age of 10, she had her hands full. Writing content on parenting advice, Tammy wished for more paid mentions and traffic to her work and so she went down the SEO rabbit hole and never looked back.

What Tammy has to say about her career;

“This is my 24th year of navigating the SEO world, and I absolutely love it! SEO is simply the ongoing learning, I know that I won’t come to an end of learning new things”


These women are just a drop in the ocean when it comes to women excelling in content creation and SEO. Working with a wealth of brilliant people over the years, mistakes have been made and breakthroughs for clients traffic and ranking have kept them going.

Content creation and SEO is an ever evolving industry. With an abundance of tools available and the world of customers up for grabs through these practices and great web design, the SEO bandwagon is most certainly one to jump onto, there are no signs of stopping and today is the day we celebrate women making this industry what it is and inspiring the next generation of SEO professionals.