How To Dominate Google in 2021

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We all know that the SEO landscape is ever changing, will the never ending update, navigating this online terrain is a trial and error process.

Every day we take the steps and with the wealth of experience that we have in SEO, we are here to lend a helping hand to you and so here are four top tips to guide you through your SEO journey a little quicker, they are unconventional, shining a new light on methods necessary to succeed in saturated markets, no matter what stage you are in your journey – Be Bold.


1. Attract Customers Before They are Ready to Buy


We all know that the keywords that burn the biggest hole in your wallet are those that have intent behind them. Buyer intent keywords when someone is there, searching and ready to buy on the spot.

The most expensive keywords to go after are buyer intent keywords. You know, the ones where someone types in a keyword and is ready to spend money right then and there.

This goes for not only SEO but pay per click as well. Just because these keywords might be out of the budget range, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go after them. Rather, just adapting your method, here you need to exercise patience.

Patience is a virtue!

No matter how long it takes you to rank, take the steps, if you aren’t in you can’t win. Remember that people, more often than not research before they buy. If you can grab those people in this stage, you can get their clicks for little to no money. They might not be as lucrative as they are more informational, but what they do hold is an opportunity.

Use your tools!

SEMRush, Ahrefs, Uber Suggest, and Answer the public are just a few of the tools that are available to you.

These different tools offer up the less competitive keywords that have a similar search pattern.

If you use all of the tools that are readily available to you, gather the information and create content around the buyers’ queries, ‘what does ….. do?’.

You don’t always have to do this through the blog section on your website, but you can create landing pages that are focused solely on the keyword that you are trying to rank for.

This is how most people generate their sales from content marketing.


2. Land to Expand


As we have said time and time again, SEO is something that requires a great deal of patience. The land and expand strategy? What on earth is that your probably thinking, so here’s how it works.

Again, use your tools, head over to the Google Search console into the performance section and you will find the keywords that you are already ranking for. Click into the most popular term that you already rank for and then through to pages.

Here you will find a report that shows you a URL linked to the page that ranks for that term.

Use your tools and find keyword ideas surrounding that keyword.

There will be a long list of long-tail keywords presented to you, from here select the ones that are intent loaded and then add those into the page that you are already ranking for the other term.

Now, make sure not to just add in the terms and turn your back, adjust the original content so that they fit in with the narrative so it doesn’t appear spammy.

This is the User experience that will be affected if you miss out on this crucial stage and we all know what Google thinks of a bad user experience.


3. Building Your Brand


Google, as of late, has put more emphasis on brands. If you have a strong brand, then in turn, you will rank faster. Focusing on your brand and having a solid message is the key to driving traffic.


There are an abundance of brands out there and touching on Ex-CEO from Google’s wise words:

“Brands are the solution, not the problem. Brands are how you sort out the cesspool”


Monitor your brand’s growth through the use of Google Trends. Here you can not only see your performance but also your competitors.

There is no hack that will make your brand skyrocket through the ranks, but there is always a way to stand out and spark interest – BE BOLD!

Out there in the big bad world, if you are a new business, any business for that matter. You are just a drop in the ocean, the ocean being information and content, standing out from the crowd as well as doing all of the conventional steps like running ads, blogging and speaking at conferences.


4. Build a Better Mousetrap


Building links is still very important, Google of course is looking at other factors, but links help with ranking.  There are over a billion blogs in the world, so it is becoming increasingly difficult to build links.

So how do you build links without the spammy, ‘link for a link’ emails?

Make it so that people want to link to you without you asking for it.   Offer real value with your content and make it useful to people.

Putting money into things like animated infographics, sparking humour, getting engagement, all of this will drive natural backlinks to start occurring.

Some companies have such success with these and end up going viral.

Touching back to our BE BOLD comment. In terms of the number of people that you can get through your site, it can be more effective to spend the money on building your mousetrap than spending it on marketing.




I hope that the main point you take away from this is that there are so many factors that are influential in your ranking, but underlying and not technically ranked, is to be bold. If you step outside your comfort zone, think outside the box and be BOLD, the people will come to you.

SEO is attracting more and more people and businesses, and when everyone is doing something, the more competitive it becomes, the more money it costs.

If you are looking for fast results, think outside the box.