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02:11.870 So let’s dive right in digital marketing Belfast so I’ve split this this presentation up into three parts. There’s quite a lot of content here. So we’ll see how we get along. But the three parts basically visibility how we can engage with your audience and how you can leverage data as well because it really important things which fit is part of the overall very much. So. I think it’s just worth wireless talking about it.

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02:36.880 So it seems from a couple of the guys that are spoken to already the people work in startups and I get asked this question coil law does SEO matter for startups as meant to say the answer is not necessarily a bit of an interesting kind of makeup of Digital Marketing Belfast practices and a channel of search because you can grow it organically doing your own things. And I’m going to give you a few things that you can maybe take away and do yourselves. But it’s not always it’s certainly not the things that I would focus on. First off if you’re a startup you’re running a startup business and that’s because often it’s longer and stuff.

03:13.850 You can do a lot of best practice yourselves really. There’s an awful lot of stuff that you can read about on the online and I’m kind of doing myself our job saying that. But still I’m going to be honest with you. So I tend to answer to that question is what do you have a story to tell.

03:31.930 So this is something which of ties in with the P R aspect ratio.

03:37.440 And if you if you do have a story to tell specifically about the service or what you offer then you probably make some inroads into SEO in general yourselves.

03:47.020 I’ll say precursor that we’re saying the answering the question with a question is annoying politician thing to do so I I tend to kind of not draw it out too much but really there’s these three things and I know a lot of peers look at things like this but it’s quite straightforward. When you talk about telling a story about your startup about your company in general.

04:06.540 Just think about these your what’s your who’s your wise? And if you’ve got kind of defined things that you can respond to that.

04:14.590 And you could develop content around that.

04:17.450 Then for large part you’re kind of doing SEO anyway. Obviously there is optimizing the pages and making sure that you’re researching things but still fundamentally if you can answer this then you’re probably going to put yourself in a good situation.

04:32.790 And we’ll get into some of the other things that are a bit more detailed later.

04:37.170 First I want to talk about how search has changed though. And what I mean by the SEO has changed. And largely is because of this. We’ve all got them tied is here because of them. But yeah mobiles have really kind of changed the search landscape and not only mobile technology in general. And it’s changing it a really crazy pace now. But mobile especially Google is now looking at mobile first indexing which basically means it’s predominantly going to look at your site from a mobile phone users perspective. And if it doesn’t work for them it’s actively going to discourage you in search result is going to push you down the search results purely for not having a good experience.

05:22.540 Mobile search overtook desktop search about two years ago. There are some interesting stats about places like South Africa where people actually mobile search is there is no pretty much no such thing as desktop search because everyone just got straight onto the web on a smartphone visit more attainable.

05:42.290 So it’s really kind of change things but let me have a look.

05:45.800 This is kind of me sitting last night putting this together.

05:50.910 Searching for something which I would never actually search but I think it’s a good example to look at. Cheap hotels especially on capital is you can tell as desperate. But what I mean by this everyone can see my laptop there. So it’s a twelve inch screen laptop. It’s probably about average in the grand scheme of things.

06:08.840 But what’s quite interesting is out of all of these results are given admittedly search with something that’s obviously very competitive to search for.

06:16.800 This is the only organic.

06:19.170 Listing that shown everyone else is paying to be there.

06:22.930 You’ve got all these weird and wonderful star ratings in this rating admins at extensions that people are adding site links these accords.

06:33.010 But they’re paying a lot of money per click just to appear that so every time someone clicks they’re paying a lot of money. And very recently actually Google started testing changing the label. So now you can see it basically invisible. I was I was going on about it recently where it’s probably just going to disappear and people are just going to have to pay to be at the top. But it used to be yellow. It used to be if you go back a couple of years the whole of the ad section used to be highlighted in yellow.

06:59.840 It had a very obvious border but it’s ever blending together. And then last year they also got rid of the right hand. So out as well which you may or may not noticed. So they put another ad space up here which pushed everything down further. So it’s quite interesting to look at this to see what the landscape is when we’re talking about.

07:18.230 Organic search another one cheap flights again not something probably something I served more than cheap hotels but you’ve got all these ads here. You’ve got these new structured format as well. Again they’re all paid for. You’ve also got the sponsored box which is again a Google initiative but you pay to be in them. So you pay when someone searches for you to be presented as part of the results. Again my laptop there. This is the only organic listing I’m giving is pushing everything down. As I said admittedly this is a very competitive.

07:50.690 Key phrase but when you look at something there’s perhaps not so competitive actually borrowed this from a colleague of mine are in Germany guy capacity and he runs a really successful agency there. And he shared this recently.

08:04.840 And obviously the Oscars with this week.

08:06.880 This was on a mobile device. You can see that when you search for Oscars 20 17 it’s not just your traditional list of blue links. It’s not just visit these websites get the information from there.

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08:19.420 It’s actually bringing a lot of the information there for you. You probably don’t even need to leave the search result page to find the information you’re looking for. They’re bringing through all the best pitch and nominations last year’s winners trending what people are searching for nominees and winners literally of the awards the information about it was even the start time with the.

08:40.940 They’re bringing through a lot of stuff which is 80% of this is Google owned. It’s not actually going to drive traffic anywhere else. There’s a few down here. I mean Oscars go is I believe the Oscars summit as well. So again it’s quite interesting. This is a mobile result. And the way that they’re displaying things are totally different from what we would imagine two years ago or so.

09:06.840 And one of the things about Lucy’s structured data and I’m not going to get too much into the geeky side of things but basically marking up data in a way that you serve it or Google can recognize it and say I understand that as being this for example star rating. And I’m going to present on the search results before you even have to click to my website.

09:30.320 Must see a few examples of Digital Marketing Belfast as well. So we’re talking about zero earlier on actually zero for the company accounts. This is their entire first page of their mobile results and I think they’re doing a pretty good job here. But actually when you break it down again organic isn’t a huge part of this. But certain tactics which you could use from an SEO perspective are.

09:53.110 Up here you’ve got right at the top of their PPC ads they’re paying as well for those. They’ve also added the extension so you can install the app straight from the ant. They’re paying every time people click on that. Every company owning their brand search not a bad things probably quite cheap to be there. They’ve got their website ranking organically first as you would expect and then you get all these kind of interesting other results like Twitter they’ve got an active Twitter account they’re pulling tweets through.

10:20.600 They’ve got their links to their apps in both the play store and the chain store can install them straight from there comes through poetry the ratings as well. Like I said structured data. This is what you would find on the right hand side of your desktop search which is called the knowledge graph which again it structured data is linking through to their social profiles. It’s bringing through even their company badge their company logo is even going to stop market information in there. Which again it’s pulling because it recognized it has been marked up in such a way.

10:54.670 Then you’ve got things like a YouTube channel Facebook vimeo and LinkedIn profile. So I think that’s pretty good way of going. If you think about their brand. Granted it’s a word they made up but they’re owning everything gone there. They have control over everything call. Now with the exception of Wikipedia. When you’re that kind of sizes zero you can influence things that are on there anyway. They’re not just going to write anything.

11:19.510 Also it’s not just about search results. We interact with devices to search for things in a very different way than we did two years ago. Now I don’t do this very often but it’s something that we’re talking about our law in SEO his voice voice didn’t search. How’d you optimize for voice driven search?

11:39.750 I mean I personally I speak on the phone a lot but I don’t particularly like ask my phone questions. That’s why I didn’t really use this. But there’s been an influx especially this year and over the last Christmas of devices where people are interacting with search in that way. X box is the same. X box is obviously a Microsoft company. Microsoft owns Bing. Bing X voice search in my opinion is actually arguably arguably better than googles is more accurate present. Some really really cool things. And if you actually search about the way that it sets up in the technology behind it there’s a huge amount of really really cool things that you can learn. But this is one of these things where I always sat in my maids living room and he started talking to his computer console and searching for things on YouTube which was just it was genuinely one of those moments that I was like this is kind of scifi shit. This is crazy talking to his to his console to search for something and it’s doing it is understanding. It’s really cool.

12:39.890 These when I mentioned over the last Christmas especially I’m sure there’s probably people in the room to own them or know people that have bought them. I don’t at the moment. But yeah talking to devices having a connected home. Again these are basically extensions is the search engine. These are fundamentally just a different way of finding information and processing them to give you a result back. And then there’s everything with oculus rift and virtual reality which we’re not quite there. It is a thing now very much more than the three D glasses at used when you were younger. But when it comes to search and how we interact with that not quite.

13:21.720 But fundamentally there’s kind of two important words that I think about when it comes to search in 20 17 and these are them being both local and personal. If you’re logged into Google your search results will be adapted to you as an individual based on your behavior. So what kind of sites you visit what you click on what you don’t click on. That’s known local. Again mobile mobile. They know what location you’re in you’re searching for something. They’re probably going to present you something that’s close to you.

13:56.310 So steps that you can take to better equip yourselves. Let’s just go through a few things which are just some of them are top level recommendations. Someone would be really really obvious things that you already know. Some of the things that you’ve not thought about. Hopefully the latter.

14:10.030 So you gotta get visible?

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14:12.030 When we’re talking about startups one of the main things that we can do is get the real estate. We looked at the zero example we call it the search engine real estate. It’s basically capturing and owning the listings when people search for it. I’m not search for it for a while but if you search for post our digital I would very much hope that it would link to me and it would be websites that I’m in control of.

14:35.120 Really simple you useful website named check it searches for two main things domains and user names across social platforms. So you plug something in life tied talks. It gives you all the demands that are available. You can get tied if you want or the bar maybe closer. Then you can also see a load of these other websites out there which are effectively predominantly social profiles.

15:03.430 But you can go and register literally you click on that and you just go and register them. So if you start on a startup easy super super cheap takeaway. Just go and do this for it before you’ve even told anyone about it. Preferably that because you never know there might be something out there. It’s also a good learning thing. George and I were talking earlier on about whether name pollstar digital comes from. There were about 40 different names for pollstar digital before his pollstar digital. The reason why I ended up as post our digital are stuck in here and I could get the domain and I could get all the social profiles. It’s as simple as that. I thought why compete with something that’s already in existing digital agency out in San Francisco or something and has a massive website and there’s just no point make it easier when you come into the fire rather than more difficult for yourself when you’re starting out.

15:52.820 Another website which predominantly I think everyone uses because it looks really pretty Bernard is really useful. This is called answer the public. This was an example of one thing that we call an SEO keyword research where you find the search terms that you want to rank for. Now this is a little kind of over egged sometimes because it’s not quite as simple as I want to rank for banking service. You talk down a couple of times on your web page and you’re going to rank. It’s more complicated than that. But this means you can flip it up the other end so you can type you can literally type anything in and it’s quite fun to do. But if you type in something like mobile banking I throw in there to generate some content ideas because we’re looking to generate content for our website for example.

16:41.740 What it does the splits things up based on the sentence structure with the pre modifiers of the post modifiers and there’s just various things where you can think well actually this is quite an interesting thing. So how mobile banking works if you are in that field you could probably have input on that. So you can start generating content. There’s things that what we refer to as the longer tail things where you could look actually to answer these questions. It goes back to those three ws beginning. You can look to work to the your strengths and provide useful engaging content which is the end of the day is going to help you be more visible when it comes to search. No less actually could work as a lead generation.

17:25.260 Here’s another example it’s again it’s part of the same results but just splitting things up as well. So some of these things in nonsense of course it’s a machine but it took it took me like 10 seconds to do this and generate this and it’s just that thought process where you can start to generate ideas.

17:45.290 Get listening this is a big thing webs huge right? It’s growing at a rate of crazy versus crazy and you’re not going to be able to keep up if you’re starting a startup or you’re running a business on things. That’ll be mentioned. Places that you’ve mentioned online reviews maybe of your service. Social media mentions whatever it may be. There’s some simple ways that you can deal with this and it’s.

18:14.120 Honestly some of the simple things which are the best some of the times.

18:17.640 So you can set up Google alerts is a service where you can literally type in a keyword or a couple of key words. Maybe your brand for example and just send you an email when it’s mentioned online simple stuff. Talkwalker alerts does it the same. They’re both free. Not paid for. You can set up them both.

18:36.490 Some examples of Digital Marketing Belfast and what you could set them up on. Obviously your brand name is an obvious one maybe variations or misspellings as well. Your website URL. So if people are actually typing a question about it on a question I’m so sorry for example saying is this any good? Has anyone tried this? You can be there. You literally get it delivered to your inbox. So you can go and answer is the brand if you’re product based company you can do with your products.

19:03.990 Even employees names when it press related material or something or even service bass keyboards if you want to broaden it out a little bit. So if it is mobile banking app or whatever it may be you can do that too.

19:18.450 I will share these slides at the end as well guys so don’t worry about dropping too many of these things down.

19:25.010 As I mentioned question and answer science core is probably the most popular one. If you’re a product based company product and is big as well. But these are places where you’re probably going to get really engaged audience. So if you do if you are tracking where you mentioned online you may crop up in places like this and there may be I’ve seen core threads threads which are really thorough discussions into certain things which captured I use for this or does anyone know a service that can do this for me? If you can be there whether or not for the brand or just as an influencer then you start forgetting about the search engine results and ranking number one for that thing which when you’re starting out it’s not going to happen but you can start owning the conversation a bit more which is more research is going and you’re getting organic traffic from them.

20:15.740 Similar to the mentions of your keyword as a tool called image raider same thing but for images. So if you have a logo if you have some glossy product images if you have images of employees you can find these into image imagery and it will tell you when it finds them on the web. So this is again simple things. First off you could do it for protection. People are stealing your images. You could at least write to them and say well you have kind of stole my images. So maybe you can at least credit me with a link. Maybe back to my website. Links are important for SEO. It’s a good thing. But yeah even with your brand you might have someone writing a review or they may be comparing you to another product or service. Again this is another way that you can pick up on that and you can be there to respond.

21:04.690 Get local Mineo apply to everyone. Local surge as I mentioned is massive. It’s driven by mobile. This was actually on my desktop. I wasn’t looking for a hairdresser but I typed in hairdresser just to see this. This is my house in Manchester.

21:23.330 Now what’s interesting here is okay it’s a very broad keyboard. It’s not really any kind of intent behind it is quite broad is just a single word. However Google knows that I’m looking for hairdressers and it therefore things I’m going to be looking for the near me. I’m not going to be looking everywhere and anywhere. So it lists them that are really close to my house. And these are like seriously close to my house. What’s interesting is that is the top of the search results that is not an organic result that is purely just people creating setting up a Google my business profile and you can appear there and leapfrog everyone else. You don’t have to worry about the rest pouring money into SEO whatever it may be. And also I’m probably not going to pay any attention to these. Maybe if I click on a few things a bounce back then I’ll get to this but I can click more places and it’s going to give me more more listings in there. So.

22:20.150 It’s really important to look at things like this to know that it’s not always about complicated setup to win with SEO just play to your strengths.

22:29.420 So as I mentioned Google my business is free to set up. If you’ve got a location based business are strongly recommend you do. If you’ve got multiple locations you can do it for each of the locations. Bring places for business is obviously the being equivalent of this. You can go out set them up super easy.

22:46.700 As also.

22:48.400 The websites there which you can do for free some of them you recognize Facebook’s an obvious one yelp yell things like that. You can set this up for free and these are listed as the most authoritative location based websites as well. So again super easy thing. If you are a location based business go out spend two hours setting up your profiles on this very least. You’re going to get some links back to your website which can O’Connell positively influence when it comes to SEO.

23:18.790 But also you’re owning that real estate when people are searching for your business you’ll get these things appear because there are on authoritative websites as well. So yeah as I said upload verify all locations. Then an important thing for location based SEO local SEO is ensure that there’s consistency across all the listings. And that means don’t ride the address fifteen different ways across all the different sites because they’re not going to be able to connect them together. Keep your post code in the same format a telephone number in the same format if it’s so and so road. The your business is owned writers road. No RDA and then all different things.

23:58.390 Get structured I touched on this before little bit geeky but I’ll try not to lose here. As I said you can mark up data so it can play to structured data. So Google or search engines understand it really obvious when we looked at this zero that’s a brand logo. This is where the headquarters is and that contact number. And these are some of their social profiles as well.

24:25.310 Given that apple probably LASSO but with most websites you can actually influence what they’ve shown that by using structured data as other things as I mentioned ratings or obvious things you’ve seen these in the search results. Ratings. Recipes is an interesting one because it will tell you the time taken to cook a recipe how many calories it’s gotten. These little things that Google goes right when people are visiting a recipe sorry what are the main things are going to be focusing on? You can even do it with events. And so yeah that’s a C D C tickets but it will show you the upcoming events. Again they’re in a certain format which if you mark them up the correct way they’ll get pulled through onto the search results increase your visibility. This is super geeky stuff but I’ve linked off here. If you do want to look into it you can mark up some of your data with what’s called Jason L D.

25:18.130 Jason linked data and you can identify some of these things. The reason why I mentioned this is you don’t physically have to do this on your website. You don’t have to get you developer to do it. You can influence it through a layer that you put in front of things and you can do things like link your social profiles customer service number probably important for companies out there and your logo. If you want to read more about that those will lead you to a lot of more stuff which is really cool stuff as biographical fill. Pearson is really into this quite easy to follow as well.

25:51.790 Again pancake day early on from this over the top but just to show the example of structured data especially with recipes in play pancake down Tuesday I search for this. When we break this down we can see that those aren’t organic results that structured data pulled through by Google from Wikipedia actually for the most part and also similar searches which is an alternate pancakes. You’ve got stories obviously heavily about pancake day and you got Twitter so you can be on that page for a broad term like this without necessarily ranking.

26:29.200 All of these top five sites that are ranking in the traditional places positions have structured data on them. They all have images you’re going to click on those above these way way more. They’ve got things like your ratings being pulled through the minutes taken to cook your calorie counters all of these things. And it’s only down there where you get your traditional links. So as I’m saying it’s again it’s a bit of a kind of arbitrary example but you can see how influential it can be by just doing these things and just looking at it. How much more visibility you can get. It’s not always about ranking number one it’s about being visible.

27:10.300 If you are experimental restrict your data is this tool which you can test it in literally throw you are. You are Ellen and it will spit out what it recognizes is structured data. You can go through this guide which will literally tell you how to market things. So local business being an obvious one you stick the URL in and then you can highlight the different parts of data which is looking for.

27:33.860 Another former structured data is Facebook open graph data. That’s when people share a link and it automatically creates something like this. It’s amazing how many companies don’t do this. Then three bits of data which you said you mark up and you say when someone searches sorry shares this URL I want this to be my image this to be my title and this to be my description. If you think of how much you can leverage that because it’s people doing it anyway. They’re already sharing and you just get to own what the messages when they do it. Similar thing on Twitter is called Twitter cards. They come in all different shapes and forms. But as you can see these are different than your normal tweets. They’ve got things like a soundcloud embedded link. They’ve got things like large images embedded got things like events embedded as well or call to actions. These can all be done really simply actually if you literally just Google these things they’ll show you how you can do it.

28:33.950 Again spired.

28:36.250 Tacuba sumo. It’s really cool. It’s not a free tool unfortunately but if you’re looking to invest in Digital Marketing Belfast or try a bit of content marketing or SEO yourself you can check something in like craft beer. I’ve gone for here and it will give you the most shed or the most linked to assets than it can find. You can filter down here between what content type it is. So whether you’re writing a blog post or an infographic or you’re doing a give away and you can basically use that to inform how you’re going to approach things. Is your company.

29:13.210 Similar uses the same algorithm you can pump your Facebook page in or someone else maybe a competitive Facebook page and it’s going to bring through what performed best for them. It literally breaks down stats on it. The one thing I would say about this is they tend to be quite big pages. It’s not just going to work with any old Joe sandwich shop or something. So. Yeah. But do give it a try. It’s good always for inspiration. So.

29:41.300 Cool so.

29:44.730 Next I’m going to talk about targeting interaction.

29:49.990 I hear this all the time. Molly customers aren’t on social media wrong. They are a guarantee it even if you are the strictest most fuddy-duddy company your customers most definitely are on social media. It’s just some crazy stats which blows my mind every time I go through them. One in three minutes of all minutes spent online. I spend on social media. Absolutely mad. That’s how much procrastination has got two people will literally spend one in every three minutes just checking their Facebook just in case Twitter got 310 million monthly active users obviously different than the total amount of uses their hands. But they’re the active ones. Link tin has 450 million members in 100 million of those access it monthly.

30:38.100 That’s 29% of the whole internet just Arlington.

30:43.550 Facebook stratospheric different level Facebook has 1.49 billion active monthly users at 79% in our whole internet. So I think of other potential that is six. So since I’ve been jammer known for about 20 minutes six new profile has been created every second. So that’s thousands already. It’s half a million new profile every day.

31:09.800 Absolutely huge potential there. And of course we can reach them on Facebook ads. So you say that your customers Arnold social media. I disagree.

31:21.510 Facebook ads are really awesome. I do a lot of them. They kind of come out of nowhere. Actually they Facebook obviously floated for the IPO everyone said oh I’m not going to use Facebook anymore. If it has had done it.

31:34.740 Now I’m really left there are a few people that did it fit a need. The people felt like they needed to address so it still does and the ads aren’t particularly invasive. Interactive engaging. So Facebook ads are awesome. I’m sure your role. Awesome individually. So Facebook ads plus you bad. This is equals awesome stuff. So let’s go through some of the things. But first off let’s talk about tracking really essential. You’ve got a website set up basic things. Now everyone’s heard of this Google tag manager is the geeky way of explaining it is is it’s a tag management solution which basically creates a interface between your website the actual code in your website and what code you want to put onto it. But the reason why I say about it is you don’t have to get your developer involved every time you want to put a trap tracking pixel or to understand leverage more data.

32:32.960 You can put things like Google analytics into Google tag manager and you don’t have to change anything on your website. You don’t run the risk of breaking things. You can deploy the Facebook pixel as well. And again if you’re looking into an advertising on Facebook are highly highly recommend this. So many people don’t do this. It’s mad and big big sites don’t as well Facebook and Google at different companies that don’t share their data because the data is where the money’s out. So you need to install both tracking pixels to be able to leverage the data from each individual platform.

33:06.950 Then you can get creative if you are looking to create Facebook ads and I’d strongly recommend it because you can literally do them as cheap as a pound a day. So even some things which are shared waiting you can approach it. Maybe just try it see if it works. Get the tracking setup when very least you can understand who’s visited your website. This is a really cool idea. I actually thought of doing this and then discovered it already existed. So I’ll just share that one anyway. But addicts add espresso is a Facebook management tool Facebook ads management tool. They have this critical gallery which has yet like nearly two. Sorry that’s 2000 pages nearly 25000 different examples of Facebook ads in all different shapes and forms and you can filter them by placements industries objectives. You can type in keywords in there your flower shop. This is obviously very flowers. Or if I dunno you do financial services type it in get inspired by what’s out there.

34:05.410 Really cool example I shared there’s a bunch of times but this is the type of ad creative that really got my attention simple stuff simple design. They’ve just made it look like it’s three D but it’s just a play with your eye based on a British aiding probably really cheap to do. But that’s going to stand now. And one of the things about Facebook ads is you live and die while your creative it. The more time you invest in your creative the better you can help stand now especially with all the noise on Facebook.

34:35.840 To get creating your ads tools for these are rattle through these. You may have heard of some of them kamber is awesome. It’s free has a free version has a paid version as well. But I would definitely look into this. If you’re doing create Facebook ads and you want to develop creative you don’t need to be a designer. You can upload your images you can add text onto them. It’s really really super simple. Stencil is similar to camera. Again highly recommended. Could do things. Then I’ll know what cinema graphos.

35:08.290 Yeah cool. Couple of months. I don’t normally get notes for that which is good. They’re the things. Have you seen images? The have part of the moving to parliament interacting. So they’ll have like a coffee Cup on a desk and a coffee Cup of steaming just slightly different but of a trick the eye. But that’s what cinema graph is so flicks allows you to create them to create your own. And it just again it kind of steps you out there. You can use gifts as well now in your Facebook ads so you can have animated images without being a video as such. I am. This is a cool website where you can get you can just search for royalty free images to use on your address as well. Pretty cool. You can also sell your photos on it. I think it’s quite clever idea. 20 20 is a crowdsource solution. You can actually use other people’s. Sorry. You can use other people’s.

36:06.410 Genuine posts of social media and leverage there. So if you want to get away from the kind of horrible stop photo approach you literally pay people money and say I want to use that gives a real sense of authenticity. One thing I would be wary of just because it’s one thing is either very pro or sorry it’s very good or bad for your advertising is how much text you have in it. Facebook harmony make up his mind on this. But basically if you have an image which is just a massive load of text it’s going to either limited or banning altogether from being shown. But be careful. This is the tool where if you do create at creative stick it in this tool and it will tell you where it is on the scale if you’re okay it’s fine. If you’re in this kind of digital marketing Belfast region it’s just going to limit the reach of your ads. So it’s going to you’re going to pay more to hit the same amount of people. So best avoided.

37:02.900 And get testing as a bunch of different placements on Facebook. Some of them are more expensive than others. The right hand side placement is really cheap. Peluso doesn’t have great interaction rates. Desktop newsfeed placements are quite expensive. But again if you’ve got more engaging media work for you news feed somewhere inbetween it’s quite quite nice happy medium there. But it’s worthwhile just playing with these. Obviously there’s Instagram as well from experience instagram’s really expensive. And the ads don’t always look like ads. So try it by all means tested. You might find that it’s not as successful as it could be.

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37:46.040 Some cool types to try. You’ve probably seen them. Video views can be really powerful. They’re really pushing video as well. So it’s really cheap to get a hell of a lot of use on your videos. I’m talking like pennies if not lower purview.

38:01.960 You can do things like 3 60 video. This was our big Star Wars fan and this is a really really cool engaging video which I spent quite a long time watching where you can literally look around with your phone. Super immersive. You could definitely leverage that to be with with other brands. For example local awareness is very cool. I was going to actually set this up for here but this is a great example. You can put a pin on a map where you are where your businesses where multiple businesses are or where you may be exhibiting for a day. And you can show people within a kilometer radius about. So everyone is on Facebook and I just so happened to fall into that kilometer. You can show ads just to those and use things like get directions. Literally say come visit is at this place really super simple. But you’d be amazed how well I can work for certain businesses and it’s bringing it’s connecting that online L flying experience as well. Genuine business.

39:01.330 Lee geneds again really really cool. If you’re looking to grow your email subscriber list or you want people to subscribe for a specific offer incentive the beauty of these is they avoid the friction of taking you onto another website to type over your details in which may or may not work on mobile. What they do is they pull your information that you say that you won’t say name and email address automatically from what Facebook knows about you and you literally say subscribe submit that’s it. You get their email address signed up straight away. So the rates comparing this to driving someone to a different website much much better.

39:42.820 Cool things as well. You can put stages in the question. So landrover we’re obviously using this power sales funnel. And they were asking a question like when do you plan to purchase? They’ll bucket you into that what they’re going to purchase a new car and a year. So let’s mark it to them in a year. Really really simple really really cool.

40:02.690 In canvas canvas is super you may or may not see me know everyone sees at the moment. These are examples when you click it takes over your device. But the beauty is you got to build this. You can build it literally in like a dragon drop editor inside of Facebook ads. Here’s a cool example. This is actually very Facebook but you click through when you get into it you basically can have your store hosted in there a landing page. You can choose between scroll through different carousel images. You can choose different colors and it will literally update the product. And the whole idea is that this is basically like a landing page builder for Facebook. Again you’re not leaving the Facebook experience. It’s super super immersive.

40:49.390 But remember.

40:51.000 That you can build audiences of any ad that you run. So have you run something like a lead generation campaign with a lead gen and format? You can actually target just the people who actually engaged with your ad but didn’t complete the sign up. So you can maybe incentivize those people or leverage things to those guys. Same with videos. That’s why I said videos can be really powerful because you can reach a huge amount of people and you can say well these guys watch 50% or more of the video. So they probably need a bit more convincing but they were interested enough to get that far. So.

41:24.920 Group these into separate audience adapting messaging and then reserve demands make it more special to them.

41:31.840 And get wild there’s a Lotta things that you can do. These are some examples from clients that I’ve done use a multi cons in your aunt title. It just makes it stand out. You can go on I have to go on this. But yeah emoji -pedia. You can literally type in keywords and as a chicken drumstick in a bottle of phase why not as sunglass client of mine. You can literally show a son. It just makes you stand out a bit more.

42:02.270 You could do things like uploading audiences so you can enhance your email marketing uploads your email list and then maybe only show ads to the people that didn’t open your latest email. The ad basically linked to the same content. It. It helps just push it out before further and it’s super cheap to do. You can. You can turn trial as into customers. An example being craze email. My now try grays. I have a few times 10 cancel quickly after I’d probably be really annoying for them. But they are. They are reaching out to me and now maybe incentivize me. Give me five pound off the next box whatever it may be. Do things like generate competition entries or survey responses.

42:46.050 Or just encourage people to come back to your website. If they’ve reached a certain part of your website you can send specific ads to them based on that.

42:56.250 There is a lead generation card for Twitter as well which is worth trying out again just involved that frictionless process of getting sign up and building your email database. And then if you are a start at the office this specific thing you can look at something like in mail ads. It’s really cool for my own linked in where you can.

43:15.400 Target people by job role or title job title and only pitch to them. So it’s a bit like a cold call for digital marketing Belfast but you can make it more than that. You can make them more accurate specific to their job role. And hey it’s better than sitting in the phone book and kind of ringing every number as you go along. We mentioned this before your tracking pixels in place and you can start understanding your audience. It’s as simple as that.

43:42.840 But if you get slightly smarter with this you can do things like you’ve got your Google analytics in place.

43:48.510 You got Facebook your Facebook pixel which is pulling information from Facebook.

43:53.160 Of course as I said these don’t actually add up because you can’t import one into the other.

43:58.920 But what you can do is if you are running Facebook campaigns set up what’s called UTM tracking and you can set this up with this where you can identify the source will ad campaign. You’re running or creative you’re running on it and you can at least see what’s been the most effective. When you pull it through Google analytics.

44:19.800 Turn these on if you haven’t already. Demographic reports in Google analytics will tell you the demographic breakdown as Google understanding of your website. You can see literally what the type of visitors you. You get to your website. But what’s great about this is I’ve got a restaurant client who had a very strict kind of approach to their demographics. They were very traditional and they were like Nope our demographics at 35 to 50.

44:48.160 And I went on this report and I said no they’re not there. 24 to 35 and that was the majority of them. And it was quite interesting because then of course you can then take that compare it to the Facebook insights that you got from your page and serve ads to those people in that demographic. You know that you could shift you spend a bit higher on those people that are actually the ones that are engaging more with your content or converting on your website spend the money in the right places basically. So there you go. There’s a lot of stuff talking about that. Now the free to really useful use the tracking software. If you go Google tag manager setup really easy to set this up because you just dumped the tracking code in there and you can deploy it straight away. You could literally 30 seconds.

45:31.800 This gives you really cool insights about how people are interacting with your website. So we’ve often seen heat maps. This will do it was good about how jurors it’s actually free. It’s got quite generous free version so you can set it up just to have a play and I’d highly recommend that you do. So you can see on different devices where people were clicking so you can maybe inform your design based on that.

45:55.480 You can actually watch them as well. This is kind of spooky big brother stuff but you can do use journey. Sorry scream recording of user journeys. So you can watch them do it. Now I ran task light extra clients before I will warn you. It’s really frustrating because it’s one of those where you kind of feel like over their shoulder and you go in and sign up sign ’em know what we’re looking at now but you can obviously extrapolate that to a lot of really useful things such as why people aren’t signing up.

46:26.920 Another example of that is so this is a funnel visualization again all baked into hot jazz really cool tool. But this you actually get this in Google analytics. This just looks a bit prettier but it shows you when people are dropping off. If this is an E commerce site as the example you’ve got the landing page they’ve looked at the product they’ve added it to their car. They’ve got to the car we’ve got to the checkout. And then they’ve got to the thank you page. We want everyone to be there but people may fall off. It may be because they don’t take AmEx or something for example but you can see this and you can see what might be affecting thing.

47:02.560 Even cooler if you’re a startup if you’ve got forms you can track the individual fields on your forms.

47:09.880 The really cool example of this was I was working with a fuel card company and they were asking for People’s Insurance. The insurance number it was something which basically I was like I have no idea what mine is. And you could see there was this huge dwell time where people when God’s I need to go and go and dig out the paperwork and try and find it. And I was like is it really important at that stage? Then when you want them to inquire you don’t want them to leave.

47:39.520 I always equate it to the offline example of someone walking into sharp looking around picking up a product walking over to the cashier till with the card in hand ready to give you the money and you’re kind of going with the carbon machine just making it more difficult for them. But yeah it’s again it’s super simple and you can do it for free. You can set it up and it runs I think I can’t remember. I’ve not looked at the pricing structure for a while but you can run it for free on like a thousand sessions or something a month. You don’t pay anything.

48:12.430 Yeah and then it goes up to $29 a month for a huge amount. Basically there used to be a bunch of other tools that did this but this combines everything into 1 and is very generous how it’s free. So you can sign up there.

48:27.190 Facebook difficult because it presents you with too much data and you need to be very specific about what you look at and don’t get too bogged down by things like household size. Pretty crazy. You can target people that are pregnant on Facebook which really quite creepy. But yeah it’s you can kind of really drill down but don’t get too bogged down. And now I think there’s over 500 data points that you can analyze things from but obviously it just gets a bit blurry if you’re trying to analyze to that level. But you can get personal when you can do this by setting up custom audiences. The major thing that you can leverage with Facebook.

49:04.200 There’s four main types. This one’s really new customer follow. I’ll actually rattle through these large because they’re basically talking about these but customer file is when you upload either mobile numbers or email addresses of your clients or want to be clients or whoever may be. You can do that and create audiences from them. Website traffic is when you’ve got the pigs who set up. You can re target people that have been to your site or to certain parts of your site activity. As it says people who have interacted with your app and engagement on Facebook. Quite interesting. This is why we’re saying maybe experiment with something like running a video ad.

49:42.540 Closing you’re targeting a bit so you’re not sharing it to everyone but then take the people that have potentially shown interest about and then market more to them. So let’s get through these because these are just very much the house and you can do this again. I mentioned before you can look at people that have openly Jen forms but didn’t actually complete it quite cool thing. People who opened your canvas but then didn’t actually follow onto a conversion after that.

50:10.450 And then you can create lookalike audiences and these are really scary really accurate. But you basically say of this custom audience so of the people who visited my website.

50:20.500 Give me one percent remainder of people. The Facebook knows that have similar interests to these people are advised trying it. Maybe one percent don’t go too far up there. You’ll be hearing a lot of people and it gets obviously less and less relevant. It’s the whole six degrees of separation thing but do try it because you can reach people because Facebook says we know these people are kind of similar to the people that you actually want in the first place. And it’s very difficult to get that through any other means. Yeah you so you can create lookalike audiences for like people who like your page email Leslie U upload even previous customers existing customers activity etcetera etcetera.

51:08.390 It’s basically all of the custom audiences setups are conditional so there and all include exclude and if you play around with them the possibilities are pretty much endless. And you need to think about wedge audience is obviously fit where there’s also linked custom audiences. These are really cool. Again it’s more business orientated but you can do things like job titles everyone thinks of age groups. They belong to quite interesting. If you have a product that appeals to a certain say startups you can target people that are members of startup groups. Obviously you can target people at companies industries the size of their business. This is cool diagram. It shows the overlap between so you can target. This is obviously like Ben diagram.

51:58.370 Google customer match very similar Google take on this. Basically. It’s really about kind of applying a bit of intelligence to your marketing. Tools are out there. They’re free predominantly and a guarantee that you will be able to turn results very cheaply on social particularly on Facebook and give it a try. Digital marketing is testing at the end of the day anyway. So even if it doesn’t work you’ve not exhausted a huge amount of budget trying.

52:28.280 There’s some cool useful thing to take away here. If you have got set setup. And if you haven’t got a website highly recommend you do these. If you click on them they will install these for you. These are a bunch of dashboards which I use for for clients. If you click on it you would literally loaded up inside so you can use on yours. Clients friends aunties website whatever it may be. Custom reports same thing just brings through certain data that doesn’t get you confused with everything that’s available and gives you some actionable things. And then customer segments as well uneasiness and blogs actually which I took from and if you are super interested in analytics dig a little deeper in there for relevant data to digital marketing Belfast services and more.

53:09.550 But remember this very important word remarketing if you’re going to try anything just get your Facebook pixel on your website. I market to people that you have found your website because whether it’s through SEO or otherwise they’ve got their somehow. They’ve come across the brand and they’ve committed enough to actually get onto your website. So just set up remarketing and just try and capture people that haven’t made a conversion. But I’ve actually made it to your website.

53:37.880 One of my clients calls it digital stalking or like that. It’s it’s probably more accurate the remarketing. So I like to call an audience development.

53:49.580 But there’s so this is a tool logical banner wise to bit like the other tools I mentioned quite neutral but these can create banners for you to advertise across Google display network or Facebook or whatever it might be. And you can do it really easily. Any of us can do. We don’t need to be a designer don’t need to know Photoshop or anything that can be interactive banners and you can do it for literally like pennies to set them up. Just try it. If you’ve got a business is running on small marketing budget just try setting this up and I know the guys over there so I spoke to them. So if you use that code you’ll get 50% off as well. I think it makes it like €20. It’s like a monthly thing. You can throw out.

54:31.150 Maybe 25 banners on that run them and then see where it goes. See if you’ve got business €20 you turned into at least you started. So.

54:41.010 Nanka old school as well. So this is kind of the closing thing is that you need to think about this funnel the sales funnel when you think about specifically paid marketing. But more specifically paid social marketing because some of your activity will exist up here. Some of it will be here. Some of it will be converged orientated but you’ve really kind of funneled down the amount of people you’re going for.

55:05.490 And there may be less of its loyalty and advocacy especially if you’re a startup. You can get to that later. I actually borrowed this concept from Our Lady named. Sam noble is a good friend who talks are paid social a lot and she kind of broke these down into what mechanics. You can actually do the different stages of these funnels and I really liked that. So it’s basically to sharing and again just referenced this if you want to try things out if you are running paid media yourself or paid social yourself.

55:30.340 Give  digital marketing Belfast a go but awareness you’ve got obviously these things I’ve highlighted the things which are strictly social advertising get considered. Again this is when people are getting slightly down the funnel they’re making a decision in your kind of industry about yours or maybe a competitive product.

55:48.870 Get converting again Facebook shopping remounting obvious things in there. For other things that you would have noticed as well get loyal less tactics here. There’s some pretty cool things that you can do when you’ve got custom audiences. And when you’re making good use of custom audiences such as you’ve already bought something maybe you’ll like this product fits nicely with your.

56:13.090 And then advocating probably the most difficult how some people are gonna shine about it. Yeah. Facebook ads and restaurants can really help engagement if you really genuinely have a great product people will shout about it. Be careful. I’ve seen a lot of people blindly do Facebook ads and not check the comments on them. First off they’ve enabled comments and they’re not checking them and they’re basically paying to see people slate them in front of potential customers be wary of that. There’s some really bad examples. But mainly when you go to create an ad on Facebook as well as a reason why that group. That’s why you need to have this old school approach with the funnel.

56:56.390 And of course it wouldn’t be a presentation in 20 17 without having Donald Trump inertia. We’ll end on that. So we’re going to start winning vaguely.

57:05.030 To speak his language but thanks very much. So there’s visibility personalized data interaction. I put the maybe the end because that’s always introduced anyway. But yeah thank you very much. So often I said people be handy if you might want to think about digital marketing Belfast at all that could be described as sort of 10 top tips for. Well I hadn’t anticipated like bring us something like 126 top tips. So I think we got a lot more than our money’s worth this evening and hugely grateful for all of that.