COVID-19 Digital Selling Capability Grant (Second Call)

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Up to £10K in funding for your business

Ideal for:
  • Website Upgrade
  • New Ecommerce Website
  • Full 12 months e-com strategy with competitor audits, market analysis and more
  • SEO ( Search Engine Optimisation)
  • Range of Digital Marketing Services to drive traffic to your site
Gekkoshot is a Supplier Supporting The New COVID E-Commerce Grant

Apply as soon as possible as the grant will close to applications when funding runs out.

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The latest grant from the NI government is perfect for any business based in Northern Ireland who fits the following criteria:

  1. Has an existing online presence such as a basic business website, online marketplace or social media channels.
  2. Has physical, retail or wholesale premises in Northern Ireland (e.g. high street shop, sales/trade counter, etc).
  3. Has a physical product, or a range of physical products, that can be sold online and shipped to customers.
  4. If your business is not exclusively retail then more than 50% of your turnover must come from the retail part of your business
  5. In either the current or previous two financial years, more than 50% of your revenue has come from offline sales instead of online sales.
  6. Your project is not receiving any other public funding, such as government or European Union funding.
  7. You are able to deliver your project, pay the costs in full to your supplier(s) and submit your claim to Invest NI before 28 February 2022.

Its specifically designed to help established retail and wholesale businesses  grow their business online  develop their sales online.

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How it works

Businesses can access a maximum grant of £20,000 to support 50% of eligible costs for projects. 

INVEST NI will reimburse successful applicants for 50% of the costs once the project has been completed.

Project must have a minimum eligible expenditure of £10,000.

So for example if you wanted to maximise the full grant available, a Digital Marketing Package costing £20,000 would only cost you £10,000.  On an average spend of £10,000, £5,000 will be reimbursed by Invest NI. We will customise your package based on the best fit for your business.

The package can contain work to upgrade your current e-commerce website, create a new e-commerce website, help with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Social Media Marketing and paid social media ads.

At Gekkoshot we can give you a customised plan for all of the above with most clients finding this can cover 6 – 12 months of work based on their requirements.

Imagine, a new E-Com website and all your online digital marketing needs taken care of for the next few months and all funded up to 50% of cost.

This particular scheme is focused on small – medium sized businesses retailers – those employing more than 5 people, with retail premises and which derive the majority of their turnover from retail customers.

The grant is specifically for helping established retail and wholesale businesses in Northern Ireland to grow their business online.

Some of the eligible activities covered by the scheme include:

Engaging the services of a supplier to review your current digital marketing capabilities and online sales channels, develop an e-commerce strategy,

In laymans terms, doing a full audit of how your business is making the most of selling online and giving you a customised plan that’s perfect for your business. This plan will include Search Engine optimisation (SEO) to help drive traffic to your website and Social Media Marketing to help get your business noticed on social media.

Develop or enhance your e-commerce website or online presence to drive increased sales

At Gekkoshot we are e-commerce experts and work with some of NI’s largest online retailers. We have 14 years web design and development experience and we know how to engage with and convert your browsers to buyers!  Building or upgrading e-commerce websites is our expertise.


How to proceed




✅ Or Get in touch with us today, we are based in Belfast and we can give you helpful advice and guidance for your business and also how to apply for this grant.

✅ We will provide you with a customised quote made solely for the your business, one that will help your business succeed online in YOUR market.

✅ We will also help advise you in regards to your grant application


We recommend you apply as soon as possible as the grant will close to applications, either:


  1. When the available budget is fully allocated: or
  2. On the closing date of 5pm on Friday 9 July 2021, whichever comes first.


Quick checker for Eligibility –