5 Ways PR can bolster SEO

by | Aug 26, 2020 | Blog Updates | 0 comments

Here are our top 5 tips for using SEO to boost your business SEO.


1. Higher-tier backlinks


This is a way to guarantee your chance of ranking for a handful of keywords through gaining backlinks from other websites to relevant pages on your site. Google, Bing and other search engines view backlinks from third party sites as a way of seeing if it should have confidence in you.聽

It’s important to note that backlinks from low quality websites can’t fool search engines and will not improve your websites ranking. You need to ensure that your backlinks come from high quality websites that are actually relevant to your brand.聽

Gaining high quality backlinks will increase the chance of the search engine ranking you for your keywords. To win these backlinks, the authority of your website is paramount, ensure that your website copy is well written and cover topics that are relevant to the linking sites audience.聽


2. Brand association


One way of getting a boost in SEO associating a small brand with a better-known brand.

An example of this would be the Belfast Telegraph, linking to a Northern Irish blogger who writes a blog post about a social event they attended.聽

Search engines will associate your brand with the other organisations or names. When your search results appear, consumers might head directly to your website to research information about your products or services.聽


3. Third-party referral traffic


If a user searches for a product or service you provide but doesn’t include the brand in the query; you’re more likely to rank higher in the search results if you have loads of backlinks and solid content containing search terms. The most powerful of these backlinks are obtained from earned media placements.聽

Getting a backlink from a really visible and popular media outlet will help users associate your brand with another more familiar, and respected organisation or product. This will then drive more traffic to your site and create more leads from customers, who were not previously aware of your brand.聽

Although there is no guarantee that you will rank for your chosen keywords, especially when they are really competitive .Placements in highly visible media outlets helps the public associate your brand with another more familiar, and respected organization or product. This will then drive more traffic to your site, and provide more leads from customers who were not previously aware of your brand.

Using Google trends and other sites that give similar services to track the lists of terms becoming more popular with users. It can also provide suggestions for similar keywords that may not be as competitive, but make sure they are still relevant to your business.聽

Use Google Trends or other sites that provide similar service to track the lists of terms becoming increasingly popular. It can also suggest similar keywords that may not be as competitive but are still relevant to your business.


4. Emerging keywords


When new products and services are made, new terminology is introduced with it. Using PR will spread awareness of this new terminology and people will soon connect your brand with those terms.聽

This means that when users type the terms into a search engine, you will have a better chance of getting ranked higher as no other brands will be trying to rank for those keywords. Making you ahead of the game.


5. Previous PR reclamation


Use Google or Bing to look for any other sites that have mentioned your brand but now provided a backlink. You can reach out to those sites via email, social media or telephone, or even use the contact us form on their website. From there you can nicely ask for a backlink back to your site, and if the post is published by a specific author you could contact them directly.聽

For all your SEO needs get in touch with us at Gekkoshot for more information on how to improve your ranking.聽