4 reasons you should be using Twitter for your business

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Twitter is one of the best platforms to use for keeping up to date with the latest trends, celebrity gossip, popular TV shows, and top news stories. 


A lot of businesses are adding their business to Twitter because more businesses are seeing the potential audience they can reach for their business on Twitter. Twitter has so many features and tools that you can use to get your business more recognised. 


Here are our 4 benefits on why you should be using Twitter for your business:


1. Helps build brand personality and gain more brand awareness

The way in which you write your tweets, engage with posts, interact with users allows you to build your brand’s personality, and gain more brand awareness. 


Using Twitter for your business allows you to share information efficiently, interact with your target audience, post valuable content/information so your audience is likely to like or retweet your content, which then is shared with their followers. It’s important to note that any information/content that you post should match your brand’s voice and tone. 


Keeping your conversations and topic in line with your tone and voice will allow a consistent and engaging personality to be shared, people like consistency so it’s important that you follow through with this in terms of content matching to brand values, etc. 


If you feel like you need to refresh your Twitter strategy for your business, Twitter has an Organic Tweets starter kit worksheet to help businesses display the correct tone of voice. 


An example of a business that does this effectively is ASOS who sells clothing, and beauty products for all ages and genders They use twitter to gain engagement through funny relatable tweets, so they are getting coverage on Twitter through likes and retweets. 


You should be engaging with your audience through comments, mentions, and replies this allows users to see your engaging with them and means you have more of a chance of popping up on non-followers newsfeeds. Doing this will make people want to interact with your brand more when they know they are getting a reply/like/retweet back which will boost brand awareness. 


There are 3 things you as a business should definitely be doing with your audience on Twitter:

  1. Supporting causes that users personally support 
  2. Liking comments, replies and always responding to customers
  3. Showing your brand personality through tweets, replies etc


2. Cultivate a brand community

As conversations can happen so easily between brands and their audience on Twitter, this is the perfect opportunity for brands to take advantage and build a brand ‘community’. Having your brand engage with their following, making and joining in on conversations, liking, and replying to users can build a loyal audience for your brand. 


Studies have shown that consumers want brands that will connect them with likeminded people and build communities that consumers can belong to, therefore this is a major advantage for a business choosing to showcase their brand on Twitter


For example, Netflix created a ‘Netflix CS’ page which is their customer service page where they interact, reply, join conversations and like comments through this page. This is where a community of Netflix users come to interact with Netflix.



3. Give customer support and gather feedback

Advanced brands are now using Twitter as their customer care, market research, and marketing tool, where they get insights for every part of their business. Using Twitter to research brands and give feedback is very easy, brands can use this to provide support to customers and collect important feedback. 


Well-known companies such as Boohoo have set up an account that’s completely dedicated to providing customer support. They also use this account to get feedback which they can use for reviews and use for research. 


4. Can gain valuable consumer insights


Overall Twitter generates around 5000-7000 tweets per second from users, this highlights the effectiveness it has as a conversation platform. These conversations can be used as insights to help you research trends that your audience is interested in, making it more likely for you to get engagement from them. 


Brands that are using Twitter for insights go across all sectors such as Pretty Little Thing which is a clothing brand to Apple a technology company. Using Twitter can allow you to see the latest in consumer trends and preferences. Using the Twitter explore page you can see topics and hashtags that are trending in your area, so you can see what topics and hashtags are important to your audience.



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