25 Fantastic SEO Blogs to Follow

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Here’s our list of the best SEO blogs in 2020. This is in no particular order, we feel that you will find something useful from every single one. 


1. MOZ Blog


Moz is one of the most recognised and liked SEO blogs, as Rand and the rest of the team have published amazing content and continue to do so. Some of the most popular and best pieces are “beginners guide to SEO” and their whiteboard fridays webinars.




2. Search Engine Watch


This is one of the oldest SEO blogs within our list, but it by no means its the least informative. This site publishes a lot of guides and news articles within the month, as well as having some great writers on board such as Ann Smarty. 



3. Backlino


This is a very popular SEO blog run by a single author. Although the author very rarely publishes new content, when he does, you will most definitely hear about it. It’s obvious that most SEO professionals value the information that Brain produces.



4. Ahrefs 


This blog focuses mainly on quality over quantity, and they do it very well. They post 1-2 posts per week of really relevant and relatable content. Our favourite posts so far have been “analysis of 2 million featured snippets” and “1.4 billion ‘longtail’ keywords”.


5. SEMrush


For all SEO related content , go no further. They provide a lot of content with around 1 post per day, with over 3500 blog posts overall. They have had many guest authors such as Ryan Stewart, Gael breton and many more.



6. Hobo-web


This is the most underrated blog, if you haven’t heard of it before you should check this website out right now, as it’s one of the best single SEO author blogs on the internet. 

Shauns content is all worth reading, his content is usually past the 5K word count and the content is always well structured and overall,  a fantastic read.



7. Search Engine Land


Danny Sullivan has two popular blog pages, both recommended on this blog as they are top quality. This website provides around 130 blog posts per month. So if you want to stay up-to-date with the latest SEO news and trends, this is the blog for you. 



8. Matthew Woodward


Matthew took on the challenge of conducting SEO without using link building; what happened? His blog reached 6 figures in just under a year. Matthew provides good content on internal link building to affiliate marketing. His blog doesn’t just put focus on SEO although, you will find a lot of SEO related posts throughout his page. 





9. Yoast


You may be familiar with Yoast if you use WordPress, it has a Yoast SEO plugin. Yoast has SEO as their main topic for content. They write content on: technical SEO, WordPress SEO, link building. These are great pieces of content because they go so in depth into the topic; if you weren’t an SEO genius before reading their content, you will be after. 





10. Search Engine Journal


Search Engine Journal focuses a lot on SEO, with 4-5 posts per day, you wont run out of good content. They do mostly small pieces of content with the occasional long one such as “History of Google Algorithm updates”. If you’re in the SEO industry and aren’t reading this website’s blogs, you should really start.




11. GotchSEO


Nathan Gotch has made a big mark on the SEO industry in recent years. He is popular for his amazing in-depth guides, with some custom designed. His posts get a serious amount of engagement with some posts getting 750+ comments. As he does post mostly long informative pieces of content, which take a lot of time to create, meaning he only posts new content around once a month. 



12. Cognitive SEO


This website has been posting fantastic content lately, and their organic search has proved how their popularity is growing because of their great content.You only have to read their content to see why they are so highly rated.



13. Builtvisible


This website is full of high quality content, most of the content is written by the website owner Richard Baxter himself. It’s important to note that this content is really technical and if you’re new to SEO then I would recommend you start off with a blog page that’s a little less technical. 



14. Lion Zeal


Blog owner Darrem Rossier is quite new to the SEO industry, but he is already making an impact. He does a lot of interviews with well known SEOs such as Ryan Stewart and Nathan Gotch, these can be found on his Youtube channel.



15. Robbie Richards


These blog posts are some of the most in-depth guides you can find in regards to SEO. Most of the posts average around 12 thousand words, but as these guides can be time consuming to create, they only manage to post around 1 a month.




16. SEO by the Sea


If you want to know everything and anything about google then this is the blog for you. Blog owner Bill Slawski knows how Google works, how Google might work, and how Google could work and how it may work in the future. 

Bill is well known for analyzing Google patents and white papers, this is why his blog is so interesting as you really are learning new things.


17. Distilled


Will Critchlow is the co-creator of an online SEO University (DistilledU). They have a really strong team at Distilled, which is why they create great posts.


18. SEER Interactive


This blog does not follow the typical search trends that most other blog pages tend to follow, they put major focus on coming up with unique ideas that offer valuable insight and information to the SEO and Marketing community. 

Some popular posts produced have been ‘Long-tail keywords’ and ‘Segmenting in Google Analytics’. 



19. Search Engine Roundtable


This is the perfect blog for all SEO news who publish around 5-6 posts a day. Most posts are actually quite short, this allows them to keep the SEO community up to date with the latest SEO news. They also accept submissions from the search community therefore if you have any worth while in regards to  SEO news and content, fill out the form on their page to let Search Engine Roundtable know about it. 


20. Kaiser the Sage


Anything you need to know about link building, you should really check this page out. Jason is experienced in terms of link building, he is well known for taking websites from 30K-310K visits per month using competitive link acquisition campaigns. 


21. From the Future


Many people know Nick Eubanks as the well known keyword research guy. He previously had a blog called SEONick.net where he sold it for £100,000. Nick has recently joined forces with another SEO professional Ryan Stewart. These two have combined forces to make great content, one of the most popular being about link building automation.


22. Marie Haynes 


Marie has been assisting people with overcoming Google’s penalties since 2008. Marie is the go to person when it comes to Google penalties, if you feel like you need help with these topics then definitely check out this blog. 


23. Buzzstream 


Buzzstream has one of the best outreach software that’s currently on the market, as well as publishing some of the greatest content which mainly focuses on link building and outreach. Although they really stand by quality over quantity as they only post 1-2 posts per month. 



24. Diggity Marketing 


New to the SEO blogging world, Matt Diggity is a newcomer but he’s already making a name for himself. Using actual results to provide tips and advice means he’s actually testing it himself to see if it works and reporting on it. If you’re wanting some good reliable content, this is the blog for you. 


25. Merj

This blog is completely focussed on technical SEO, publishing only one blog post per month, which is a technical SEO roundup. They follow a consistent format and put each month’s technical SEO news into 3K words. 


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